Ninja Gaiden Mask, SGL's 4th Drop is HERE

Ninja Gaiden Mask

Hide from those security cameras

We thought if the world has to rock face masks for the foreseeable future, why not look like that badass from Ninja Gaiden? That dude was so dope, and above all else, timelessly dope. Ninja Gaiden vanquished his enemies in elegance, and we brought that swag with Stonedgamer’s Ninja Gaiden Face Mask, inspired by the videogame franchise Ninja Gaiden. This mask is not an officially licensed product from Ninja Gaiden. We just love the game.

The Ninja Gaiden mask is one-size fits all. We encourage you to give your mask a bit of a stretch before wearing it, depending on the size of your head. The mask stays snug on the face and completely wraps around from your nose to your neck.

Every mask is black and has an elegant silk finish and features a silver dragon surrounded by smoke. Of course every mask has the red Stoned Gamer label just so you can flex on everyone that sees you coming.

Above all else, the Ninja Gaiden face mask helps you thwart CCTV and security cameras. They can never see you coming if they literally can’t see you coming. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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