The Stoned Gamer Shop launches July 31st at 5am PST

2,162 days. That’s how long it took for us to drop our very first official Stoned Gamer merchandise.

We never want to push junk on you, ever. It took us this long to design and build ten exclusive Stoned Gamer items for Season One of the Stoned Gamer Shop. Every week beginning July 31st we will be dropping a new piece of Stoned Gamer apparel and gear at 5am PST right here on

Each item will be limited to a quantity of 100. That means only 100 of each new drop will be available for sale. Once they’re gone, you will never be able to buy the item ever again. We will never make it again.

If you miss your shot at grabbing this gear, we’re extremely sorry. Set an alarm next time.

Be sure to visit at 5am PST on Friday beginning at July 31st to be one of the first (and only) to nab your Stoned Gamer Gear and Apparel.

Also don't forget that every drop is eligible to be upgraded. When your order is upgraded, it is shipped inside an exclusive Stoned Gamer Lunch Box, along with two packs of Stoned Gamer Rolling Papers, two Stoned Gamer Sticker Slap Packs, and a redeemable code for 5,000SG for your profile. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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