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Congratulations goes to XDeviice for winning Stoned Gamer CoD Mobile Tournament presented by Dopesticks on 01/17/2020 and becoming a two-time Stoned Gamer champion!

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Check out this Esportz Network podcast interview with Marty Schneider, the CEO of Stoned Gamer.

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The Elevate Point System brought to you by Vapexhale starting inside the Stoned Gamer Arena in Los Angeles, CA opening in 2020.

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As we get ever so close to the opening of the Stoned Gamer Arena in Los Angeles, California, it's important to inform Stoned Gamers of the 16 SGL Teams that will be implemented. There is a lot of information to educate our players regarding SGL Tournaments beginning at the start of the Stoned Gamer Arena, so we've compiled this handy SGL Team Guide for you.

Imagine an entire tournament of 64 of the greatest fictional video game drugs, all going head-to-head to in an NCAA-like bracket system to find out which is the greatest fake video game drug in history.

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