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The first half of the 2018/2019 Stoned Gamer League - Rocket League Season is in the history books and the tournament brought with it some heart-pounding action and lung-expanding elevation.

Check out this clip from the Stoned Gamer Tournament's second appearance in San Diego, CA in 2016.

Check out this super rare clip from the first Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament held on 2016 in San Diego.

Check out this clip of the 12th Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2016 season, held in conjunction with Skate n Bake.

Check out this historic clip from the fifth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of 2016.

Check out this clip from the third Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of 2016

Check out the one and only time the cops raided a Stoned Gamer Tournament.

Check out this controversial Stoned Gamer tournament held in 2016.

Saturday, 24 November 2018 16:30

2016 SGL Qualifying Tournament #11 - The Video

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Check out this historic footage of the 2016 Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament #11