Day of Trumplings: The Actual Basket of Deporables

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to watch Showtime’s 'The Circus,' you’re missing out on a glimpse into the travelling show that is the presidential race. Though I haven’t been through that many, I can’t remember the last time that I felt so disillusioned with a presidential race -- it’s becoming a reality show. Hillary has probably played golf with Donald, who was mindful to keep Bill’s attention away from Ivanka and his daughters. It has to be common knowledge in political circles that William Clinton will always shoot his shot and Trump has probably always known this.

Both sides have had their ups and downs, especially Trump, but he keeps coming back after each embarrassment like a guy who has been friend-zoned. And why did we stop bringing up the emails that proved the Democratic party guilty of plotting against everyone’s cool grandfather, Bernie Sanders? That is some Scandal level type of backdoor scheming, but, hey, we’ve had some funny incidents happen with our candidates. For instance, remember when Trump said that he would probably--and definitely--date his own daughter if she wasn’t related to him. It’s funny because who in the world would want to be eskimo brothers with their girlfriend’s father? I’m sure that is probably the norm in some counties located in West Virginia, but it’s not tolerated by the majority of America.

Arguably the best moment has been Hillary’s use of the phrase: “...basket of deplorables”. I’m not sure if it's the unexpected combination of words, or how they manage to flow out of one’s mouth so beautifully, but it’s a phrase that needs to be commercialized. Put it on mugs and t-shirts. It’s an attractive phrase, and it gave Hillary more attention than she had anticipated. We could argue and fight among ourselves searching for facts to prove that the opposite side we’re on are the real deplorables. Instead of constantly debating their points, Hillary supporters can now enter tranquility because I have found the deplorables that their candidate spoke about.

Day of the Trumplings sets you in an environment where T-rump supporting monstrosities come to earth to destroy our way of life and sit their leader in the White House. While not directly depicting Donald J. Trump, the leader of these deplorables is a being with an ass for a face; who is also donning the hairstyle made famous by the Republican presidential nominee. The game touts the creatures are called Trumplings, but they are actually holding up signs that say T-Rump, so whatever.

You would think that real Trumplings would want to build up walls, but these do the opposite--they are tearing down the walls (Reagan inspired?) and you have to stop them… with guns. If you’re not a Texas liberal then you might have issues with using guns, but just remember that it’s a game and you need to blow off some steam. It’s an interesting new take on tower defense that isn’t here to provide us with groundbreaking gameplay. Day of the Trumplings is here to assist anti-Trumpers during these daunting times while still reminding us that everything in politics is a game. Win or lose, both of the presidential candidates will go back to their giant homes while we fight among each other. For all we know, Donald and Bill are probably picking up broads together every third weekend of the month.

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