Endure Enormous Distractions in Haydee

Distractions cause most of our failures. Paying attention to the wrong thing will can cause you unnecessary hardship. Take studying as an example: you could be going over the vast amount of reactions for organic chemistry but you keep watching the music video for Melancholy Hill over and over. That wonderful sequence of visual creativity will distract you from memorizing something simple like all your alkyne reactions -- or maybe it’s stereochemistry that awakens your migraines. That’s why staying focused is the key to success. How you decide to measure success is completely your choice, so be reasonable. Do you need an elevator for your car installed in your home to be successful? Yes, sometimes you do. Alas, some distractions are just too hard to ignore and Haydee is my evidence to that claim.

Haydee is a game that will train your brain to focus on the matter at hand while also turning you into an indoor camper without your consent. I can’t imagine how the developers were able to finish making this game with all of that walking around. It’s possible that I’m going to sound very immature but you must understand that I am a weak man who likes curves. It would be absurd to ignore the fact that we are controlling a sexy character. If you think about it, it’s not too weird because most of us probably still watch Hentai. Haydee is just a notch more suitable for play on your television when you want to open the curtains during school zone times. Barely.

The chances that this game is being funded by the sex robot industry with the goal of seeing their stocks increase is probable because you’re going to consider buying one during your experience. Feeling the same urges you get when you’re scrolling through your IG feed while simultaneously fighting the urge to get on the first flight to Japan is expected. And it’s OK because Haydee is half-human and half-robot so it's not like we’re objectifying some real dame. Pay attention to the amount of time I’ve spent just on the main character’s figure alone -- it’s totally unprofessional. Don’t let my drooling turn you away from what is a very strong, difficult and rewarding game.

The inner monk that lives inside of us all will come in handy when you start dying all the time. Life always loses to death in every circumstance, no matter how vigilant or patient the player may be -- getting snuffed is fast and imminent. The rate of one’s demise makes gives Haydee a thriller-movie feel. I would say it reminds me a lot of Ex Machina but I haven’t watched that movie yet. It does remind me of the trailer. The atmosphere set by Haydee is one of fear as you begin to hesitate while trying to a peek around a corner. A glowing pair of red lights often means that your end is near. Even if you were to pass through a trio of robotic guards, it’s not like you’re going to be rewarded for it. On the contrary, things will become more challenging and frustration happens. You should try to enjoy the distractions, if only to ease your ever-increasing blood pressure.

The level of difficulty in this game does elevate the satisfaction of killing the robot guards. The movement and fluidity makes Haydee almost serene. Almost. Bullets hit their targets with such beauty that every kill feels like a pas de deux . It’s that sensation coupled with an extremely attractive heroine that makes Haydee a must play during the fall and winter season. It’ll make you feel warm enough to forgo the hot chocolate, but you’ll crave a cigarette afterwards. Still, you must not inadvertently lose yourself in a trance while you’re climbing, swimming, and running because you’ll need all your synapses. Haydee is a tough experience. Keep your wits, remain patient, and you will somehow make it through Haydee.


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