Apex Warzone - Season OMEGA (The Final Season)


We're all locked up in our residents for the foreseeable future due to a global pandemic unlike any civilization has ever witnessed. These are historic times, and in some circumstances, highly depressing times.

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At Stoned Gamer, we want every single person to enjoy themselves in these troubling times -- and we think we've created the perfect activity for the planet to feast on.

Two of your favorite games will combine into 'Apex Warzone' and we are absolutely ready to have you on board. We are also stoked to have HPC coming on board for this epic and historic event. Be sure to visit 420HPC.com for all your cannabis needs, including delivery! They believe in you, Stoned Gamers, so show them love as well!

Season Alpha of Apex Warzone is still underway and we will publish all results at the end of the tournament (May 1st).

In Season Omega, the final season of Apex Warzone, we have implemented some rule updates.

The full rule set, achievements, and prize info for Apex Warzone: Season Omega will be published this week. The start date of Season Omega begins May 1st at 10am PST. In order to play, you must register below.

Registration is now live!

If you're logged in, your SGL name is on the top right of this page
Choose which game you will play. You can select both.
Enter your console information
Choose one name that corresponds with your console of choice
Playing in a squad or solo has no effect on points earned or ranking
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