Fake Game Drugs: The TOURNAMENT (Round 1 - Bracket B)

Imagine an entire tournament of 64 of the greatest fictional video game drugs, all going head-to-head to in an NCAA-like bracket system to find out which is the greatest fake video game drug in history.

Stop imagining, take another dab, and take part in Stoned Gamer's first annual 'Fake Game Drugs' Tournament. (Click here to visit Bracket A)

Each of the 64 fictional video game drugs has been classified and given a category. It's up to you to determine the winner of each match-up we've assembled. Come back every day for the month of March (and a little of April) to see which fictional video game drug has advanced and vote on new drugs introduced throughout the tournament. Each logged in SGL member that votes receives 264sg on their SGL account!

 Note: In order to receive SG, you must be signed in to your SGL.gg account. Make sure you're logged in before voting to receive your SG reward!

Vote on the greatest fictional video game drug (Round 1 - Bracket B)

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