FIRST SGL Qualifiying Tournament of the 2018 Season - Rocket League

Behold, the first official SGL Tournament of the 2018 Season on August 3rd.

In the 2018 SGL Season: Proving Grounds, four squads assembled of three people are invited to compete in Rocket League or Street Fighter: Third Strike. The bracketed tournament begins with four teams, each team going head-to-head with another team. In this best-of-three format, the winner goes on to the championship match in which the two final teams that defeated their first opponent compete in for the title of 'SGL Qualifying Tournament Champion.'

In the inaugural SGL Qualifying Tournament we will see Aire Canada going up against S.I.M.S and Collapz Crew facing off against Empire of Fire in Rocket League.

In the 2018 SGL Season, each squad will obtain Tournament Points for achieving specific feats on Rocket League. Here is a complete and up-to-date breakdown of the Tournament Points that can be earned during the tournament. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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