Hypa STUNS with a CRUSHING win at SGL HOOPS Rocket League

On December 21st 2018, the SGL held the first HOOPS Rocket League Tournament presented by Vapexhale.

The SGL HOOPS Rocket League was played on multiple-consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC) and featured two-person SGL squads going head-to-head with other squads in a best-of-three tournament-style bracket system. Win a best-of-three match and advance to the semi-finals, then the finals.

Highlander Mode was previewed in this SGL match, in lieu of its appearance in the 2019 SGL season. In Highlander Mode, the winning two-person squad must compete head-to-head against each other in a best-of-three match. The winning player is crowned champion of the event. There can only be one.

The SGL was fortunate enough to have Vapexhale serve as the Official Sponsor of HOOPS Rocket League. Vapexhale is also the Official Elevation Device of the SGL. For this tournament, one skilled Stoned Gamer received a fantastic Vapexhale Evo Hydratube Starter Kit, complete with an array of accessories fit for a Stoned Gamer. Check out some of the official SGL promotion of this historic event.

The entire SGL HOOPS Rocket League Tournament was broadcast entirely on Twitch at Twitch.tv/OfficialStonedGamer.

After a heated match of world-wide competitors, the playfield was left to Car Ballerz, consisting of Kiroma13 and Hypa. To get to this point, the squad defeated 'The Hoop Squad' by 2-0, 'Hash Bros' by 2-0, and 'Collapz Crew' by 3-0 in a best-of-five match.

When the tournament transformed to Highlander Mode, it was Hypa (SGL.gg/Hypa) that eventually defeated his squadmate by a 2-0 margin to be crowned the Champion of HOOPS Rocket League presented by Vapexhale.

Check out the Top Ten HOOPS Goals of the Tournament below!


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