Minecraft on Mushrooms - Coming to Oakland, CA

Minecraft on Mushrooms - Coming to Oakland, CA. Date has not yet been announced, but we are accepting players and judges!

In the first magic mushroom gaming tournament in Stoned Gamer history (and perhaps the world), we are restricting our field of official players to only eight people. Each player will be localized at the undisclosed venue in Oakland, California at 11am PST and will ingest an entire 1/8th oz of dried Psilocybe Cubensis simultaneously at 12pm PST.

After ingesting the mushrooms, each player will be guided to their specific Xbox One gaming station and will start a new Minecraft world simultaneously with the other players at 12:30pm PST.

Players will play Minecraft uninterrupted for six hours and will be provided water and meal replacement bars upon request. Each person's 6-hour play session will be broadcast live on Twitch.

After each person has built their Minecraft world, judges will enter each world and grade the world on several criteria. The player that has the highest score will win the tournament.


  • Must be 18+ to compete
  • Only available to players localized around or near Oakland, CA
  • Each player must ingest 1/8th oz of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms
  • No other substance (alcohol, cannabis, caffeine...etc) can be used
  • Each player will be tripping live on Twitch
  • Each player will be creating a new Minecraft world from the beginning of a Minecraft seed
  • Minecraft will be set on Survival Mode
  • Minecraft will be played on Xbox One
  • Each player must build their Minecraft world independently 


Note: Registering to play does not guarantee you a placement in the tournament. The SGL is only limited to eight players, so each player will be vetted and interviewed before being an official player in this groundbreaking tournament.

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If you are an artist and would like to judge this SGL tournament, fill out the form below. Signing up as a judge does not guarantee your placement as a judge.

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Have questions? Send us an email at [ Contact <@> SGL.gg ] or reach out on Twitter (Twitter.com/SGLSports) and Instagram (Instagram.com/StonedGamerLeague).


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