Off The Scene pulls off the IMPOSSIBLE at SGL Q8

The 2018/2019 SGL Rocket League Season is finally coming to a close, and this Saturday we will see the final Q8 Tournament being held in the SGL!

Sign-ups are open for all squads!

Tournament Rules:

  • Rocket League is the game of the season
  • All gameplay is with 3-person squads
  • Every squad must compete in (2) Qualifying Tournaments
  • Players must elevate and show Proof of Elevation (POE) before competing
  • Every Qualifying Tournament, a total of four squads compete in a single-elimination tournament
  • One squad becomes the winner at the end of each Qualifying Tournament
  • The top eight squads of the SGL season enters the 2018/2019 SGL Grand Finale

Tournament Scoring System:

Best-of-3 Gameplay:

Off The Scene

Off The Scene grabbed the victory in a 2-0 sweep. Next up, Aire Canada 2 vs. Bastard Battalion.

Aire Canada 2

The stage was set for the championship bout between Aire Canada 2 and Off the Scene. Best of five match.

Never before seen in the history of the SGL, Off The Scene pulled off the organization's first Uninstall SGL Achievement.

Congratulations to Off The Scene on an impressive performance and we will see the top 8 at the SGL Grand Finale held inside the Stoned Gamer Arena. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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