Results of the EIGHTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 9/10

The final Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament for Group B qualifications for the 2017 Season. It sounds like a mouthful -- and it probably is. Sometimes we like to dish out a lot of information in brief but grammatically correct sentences. We may be stoners, but we understand that communication is key to the homo-sapien species. Terence McKenna always insited the greatest form of communication is through holographic objects so you can actually see what a person means. We're nearing on that day, but in the meantime we have to use these things called words to convey thought. Bummer.

The 8th Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament was a benefit show for a hurricane ravaged Houston and (the very next day) Florida. We teamed up with Caliplug to throw on a tremendous event at Nexus Social Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles -- the tournament's third show within the venue in a year.

We thought we would mix things up a bit by using the original Japanese version of Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition.

Naturally people were sparking up the tastiest bud offered in California.

After a heated opening round and semi-finals in the final qualifier of Group B, we were down to the Final Four. Cal from Team Apple Dabs, Mister Junior, Frank the Tank, and Jazoe Da Juggernaut. They were all playing for 50 grams of some exquiste Caliplug bud.

The players were officially ripping through some intense Street Fighter 2 action.

After the dust was settled we were left with Jazoe da Juggernaut and Mister Junior were the final two competitors, vying for a shot at a fantastic prize and the title of champion.

In a brutal showing of a 2-1 best-of-three victory, Jazoe became champion of the 8th Stoned Gamer Qualifier and the final Tournament in Group B.


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