Results of the ELEVENTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 10/16

Stoned Gamers across the planet, we are officially deep into Group C of the 207 Stoned Gamer Tournament. If you haven't qualified, now is the time to do so. The Tournament has already assembled a collection of very strong champions, and the list gets tougher every qualifier. This time we took the show to San Diego for the first time this season in partnership with Skate n Bake 2.

This was the Stoned Gamer Tournament's second appearance at Skate n Bake, if you're interested what transpired last year, check this out. Skating, games, cannabis -- it makese so much goddamn sense that it literally hurts my head. Therefore, we had to turn it up for this tournament. Stoned Gamer partnered with G Pen to provide an amazing Legendary Prize Package.

The tournament begun at 1pm PST and all Stoned Gamers were ready for some intense Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition action.

After a blitzkrieg of Stoned Gamer action, we were left with our Final Four players.

From left to right: Lokjaw, Kincaiderade, Izzy Q, Keveen

First up was Izzy Q versus Kincaiderade, a returning Stoned Gamer champion from the 2016 season and Team Herbsmith member.

It took Izzy Q just two games in a best-of-three match to vanquish Kincaiderade and move on to the Championship round. Next up was Keveen and Lokjaw, fighting for the championship spot opposite Izzy Q.

In a heated battle, Keveen managed to knock out Lokjaw, another champion of the 2016 Stoned Gamer Tournament. Our match-up was set, now it was time to see who would be victorious in a best-of-three match-up.

If you would like to see the entire match, feel free to visit Toke.TV and search Stoned Gamer. After a 2-1, best-of-three battle, Izzy Q used a very powerful Ken to defeat Keveen's Blanka and became the winner of the Q11 Stoned Gamer Tournament!

Another Stoned Gamer Tournament in the books! Now check out this official wrap-up video from video extraordinarie, Cynthia Vance.


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