Results of the FOURTEENTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 11/19

Moving into deep territory in Group D we have the 14th Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2017 Season, and it was held at the one and only 420 Nurses HQ.

In our amazing series of flyers for the final twelve Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournaments created by Ana Hurtina, we have a Stoned Chun Li -- in all of her ridiculously high glory.

The stage was set, the players were ready, and here is some of the action from the 14th Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament.

At the end of a highly-contested qualifier, we were down to the Final Four Stoned Gamers -- (from left to right) It's That One Guy Andy, InkSlingr, JoeJo, Mr. Klean.

All players were battling for not only a shot at the 2017 Stoned Gamer Grand Finale, but also this beautiful Bhogart dab rig.

First up was It's That One Guy Andy vs. Joe Jo.

In a best-of-three match, Joe Joe went on to defeat It's That One Guy Andy in a 2-0 sweep. Up next was the remaining Final Four players, Mr. Klean and InkSlingr and in a best-of-three series, InkSlingr was victorious in 2-0. The Championship match was set, JoeJo vs. InkSlingr.

In one of our closest battles on the 2017 Season, InkSlingr grabbed the first match against Joe Joe while using Ryu. In the second in a best-of-three series, JoeJo used Sagat to halt the strong offense of InkSlingr's Ryu. The third and final match came down to the final round when both players were near the end. InkSlingr went up for a hail mary shoryuken and Sagat, a fraction of a second later, executed a tiger uppercut to counter Ryu's attack and defeat InkSling, making JoeJo the champion of the 14th Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament.


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