Results of the FOURTH 2017 Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament

Look, you guys -- we know three comes before four. That's like standard knowledge for all Earthlings -- or at least it should be. The sequence of numbers is something we can rely on as a species, however in this very brief and rare scenario, four comes before three. You read that right. 1,2,4,3. When it's written out like that, it doesn't seem that bad. In fact it looks pretty normal. However rest assured that in any other circumstance, those sequence of numbers are incorrect. When it comes to the Fourth Stoned Gamer Tournament going down June 14th and the Third Stoned Gamer Tournament occuring June 24th -- it happens. Blame it on E3, blame it on the boring redundancy of the time/space continuum -- four comes before three, and the world must deal with it.

We knew this tournament had to be special, so we teamed up with The Game to run this very special E3 Stoned Gamer Tournament.

It was a rush to get everything set up for this epic event, but the entire Stoned Gamer Tournament crew managed to pull it off.

The action was heated, ladies and gentlemen. There's something about E3 weekend that brings out the best in the gaming (and cannabis) community. Check out this clip from Cynthia Vance of the Qualifying Tournament featuring Nina Dioz - Dale.

The upsets were many, and the action was fast-paced. At the end of the day we were left with four valiant players.

The powerful @Dabbchild used Chun Li to put a brutal air-counter game on her opponents. Absolutely ruthless game play from this newcomer in the Stoned Gamer Tournament. Next, @Rogueyote the season veteran stepped up and vanquished the competition. REX stayed calm and relaxed as he systematically deconstructed his opponents. Finally @WordPlay_LA used Blanka to serve a steady stream of tremendous upsets. Simply amazing!

The first match-up in the Final Four we saw Rogueyote take on Dabbchild.

In a 2-0 sweep, Rogueyote defeated Dabbchild to move on to the championship round. Next up was Wordplay_LA versus REX.

Rogueyote put on an epic display of offense and finished Wordplay_LA in just two matches. We had our championship match-up lined up, Rogueyote versus REX for ultimate glory.

This best of three championship match-up went to the third and final match. In a heated battle, Rogueyote prevailed and became champion of the Fourth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament.

Another Stoned Gamer Tournament in the books, now check out the bonus photos!

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