Results of the NINTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 9/16

Last Stoned Gamer Tournament we opened up the season with a tremendous double-header held at Xtravaganja in San Diego and next at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. This season, we wanted to pull another double-header, this time at the two-day Dabathon cup in San Bernardino.

Two back-to-back tournaments in two days is something that was eagerly look forward to at the Stoned Gamer. The action is always furious and if a player gets eliminated the first day, there's a darn good chance they'll be back in order to gain redemption and victory.

For this double header we had a stellar partner on board, Blazerunner from Humboldt!

Once our presence in Dabathon was established, it was time for strong tournament action.

With all of our Stoned Gamer Tournaments we ensure the freshest cannabis for our Stoned Gamers to select from. Fortunately for us, Blazerunner had some beautiful greenery for everyone to pick from.

After an evening of gaming, we were left with out Final Four Stoned Gamers: The Adventure Kid, Danny, Hipocrit, and David Sanchez -- all of which are Stoned Gamer rookies.

From there, we went straight to the action that was already spilling over from the practice session before.

In the end we were left with Danny and Hipocrit going head-to-head for a fantastic prize from Blazerunner and the title of champion.

In a strong performance from an equally powerful Guile, Danny won the title in a dominant 2-0 best-of-three series against Hipocrit.

That was the end the first installment of our double-header. Check out the second part that was held the very next day. Now on to the bonus photos!

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