Results of the SEVENTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 8/25

Our big Fight Week Smokeout was held in Las Vegas on August 25th, the day before what the world was calling the biggest boxing match in history. For those reading this months, years -- even decades later; I apologize. Quite frankly, I apologize for my generation for even assembling this nonsense together, along with American culture for even putting a value on any of this. Our country is pretty sick right now, it's widely aparrent and equally reflected in our political system. To compound that, our Earth is revolting against us with record-breaking natural disasters. We all may be living through one really weird apocalypse and not even know it. If this is the end, just know that Stoned Gamer attempted to change the face of humanity with cannabis and gaming, and at the Fight Week Smokeout held in Las Vegas, we did just that.

When one of our partners at the Stoned Gamer wants to have a massive tournament, we're always happy to make it into a reality. Cali Plug wanted a massive FIFA 17 tournament in which the winner would get a year of bud, and we made it happen.

The event was so massive that we even ran an ad for it on Facebook and Instagram -- and they actually approved it.


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Along with our official Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament (Q7)...

We held three additional micro-tournaments to give the fans a little bit more in Sin City.

Once the doors open and the Stoned Gamers were ready to compete, Las Vegas was ready to rumble.

The winner of our seventh Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2017 season was KGKing03 in a dominating performance over The Clown Kid.

The winner of all Stoned Gamer Tournaments held at the Fight Week Smokeout are right below in this nifty graphic.

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