RESULTS of the SIXTEENTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 12/02

The final Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2017 Season. This season started April 20th and 15 intense Qualifiying Tournaments later we have arrived in San Bernardino at Blazers Cup to end the regular season.

With enough stoned Street Fighter 2 action, the playing field was down to the Final Four.

From left to right: Koala, 1MoreDab, Xi Guy, HorHey.

Finally we had our two finalists: 1MoreDab vs. HorHey.

In an epic showdown, 1MoreDab swept HorHey in a 2-0 victory with a very strong Guile and became Champion of the Q16 Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament.

Big thanks to everyone that came out for the final Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2017 Season.

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