Results of the TENTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 9/17

Two Stoned Gamer Tournaments in two days, a feat that is treachous for the Stoned Gamer production crew. However we always embrace the challenge, and in the 10th Stoned Gamer Qualifier, we wrapped up our epic Tournament Double-Header.

The first night of action in our Double-Header was the moment in which we saw a strong competitor named Danny rise to power with a very tricky Guile gameplay. Who will emerge as a champion in this 10th Stoned Gamer Qualifier?


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For this double header we had a stellar partner on board, Blazerunner from Humboldt!

After all the production work on this final double-header tournament, we were off to an amazing start.

Once the battles were done, on the playing field remained Shotz, a returning Stoned Gamer from previous in the season. BBB, Street Killer, and David Reyes rounded out the Final Four.

After a heated Final Four, the final two Stoned Gamers to make it to the championship match were Street Killer and BBB. The action on this best-of-three match was ridiculous, and in the third round of the third match, BBB managed to get the win along with the title of champion of the 10th Stoned Gamer Qualifier!

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