Results of the TWELFTH Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament on 11/1

You knew it was coming, Stoned Gamers. Right on time with all expectations from last year, we are proud to present to you the return of the BOSS BATTLE.

Unlike normal Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournaments, the BOSS BATTLE removes the need to consecutively win in a bracket in order to reach the Final Four and advance to the Stoned Gamer Grand Finale. Instead of winning a multitude of matches, you only need to win one match -- specifically against the BOSS.

A previous Stoned Gamer Champion is selected by the Stoned Gamer committee to become a BOSS. When a player is a BOSS, he/she must stay on the arcade for a total of 90 consecutive minutes. In that time-span, anyone can step up to the arcade and challenge the boss in the game of the year (currently Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition). If a person beats the boss, he/she qualifies for the Stoned Gamer Grand Finale. Only a total of four players can qualify in a BOSS BATTLE. If four players defeat the BOSS, the BOSS BATTLE ends. If a player is defeated during a BOSS BATTLE, he/she must go to the back of the line and may compete as much as they can within a 90-minute time-frame. In the unlikely chance that a BOSS goes undefeated in 90 minutes of gameplay, the BOSS immediately gets elevated to the Sweet Sixteen of the Grand Finale.

In our opening BOSS BATTLE of the season, @ISupply420 graced the sticks as an official Stoned Gamer BOSS during the Q13 Tournament held in Jurupa Valley, California on November 1st. Check out some of the action from the historic night, captured by Cynthia Vance.

After a grueling 90 minutes of gameplay, ISupply420 became the first champion in Stoned Gamer history to go undefeated in 90 minutes of gameplay with an insane 50-0 record! Check out the fight breakdown below.

Congratulations once again to the most vicious BOSS the Stoned Gamer Tournament has ever seen, ISupply420 -- check out the recap video below.


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