The Hoop Squad sweeps S.I.M.S to become Q6 Champions

On Saturday (February 9th 2019), the 2018/2019 SGL Rocket League season continued with the Q6 Qualifying Tournament for a shot at $800 USD provided by Cali Plug.

Four squads, one dream.

Tournament Rules:

  • Rocket League is the game of the season
  • All gameplay is with 3-person squads
  • Every squad must compete in (2) Qualifying Tournaments
  • Players must elevate and show Proof of Elevation (POE) before competing
  • Every Qualifying Tournament, a total of four squads compete in a single-elimination tournament
  • One squad becomes the winner at the end of each Qualifying Tournament
  • The top eight squads of the SGL season enters the 2018/2019 SGL Grand Finale

Tournament Scoring System:

The SGL Q6 Rocket League action started with:

The Hoop Squad vs. Bastard Battalion (Best-of-three)

Big win for The Hoop Squad in only two games. Next up:

S.I.M.S vs. Octane Gang (Best-of-three)

The stage was set for The Hoop Squad to face S.I.M.S in the championship match and the $800 prize provided by Cali Plug.

S.I.M.S vs. The Hoop Squad (Best-of-five, Championship)

Congratulations to The Hoop Squad in vanquishing S.I.M.S in a 3-0 sweep to become champions of SGL Q6 Rocket League! | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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