The Results of the FIRST 2017 Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament

The 2017 Stoned Gamer Tournament, the only uniting force in the universe. A force greater than the goo used to hold neutrinos together -- stronger than week electron force that comprises the four fundamental forces of nature

Last year we discovered an undying subculture that needed to be expressed, and this year we plan on leaving a meteoric impact on the worlds of gaming and cannabis. If you would like a full recap of last year's Stoned Gamer season, check out our full Tournament archive.

On April 20th, the 2017 Stoned Gamer Season had a smashing start in San Bernardino, CA. The game of the season is classic Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition played on one of our custom built Stoned Gamer arcades.

Since this was the season opener, we thought the Grand Prize needed to be something as tremendous as last year's Grand Finale. Therefore we put an entire Stoned Gamer x Flytlab Arcade on the chopping block for anyone that would take the first Qualifying Tournament.

Another addition to the tournament are the new Stoned Gamer Loot Chests. If people want to get the full experience, we now offer a curated selection of cannabis and gaming items nicely packed inside a 'loot chest.' Only fifty available each qualifier.

Last year we started the 'micro-tournament' concept at the 2016 Stoned Gamer Grand Finale, and it was such a success that we included it in every Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament. With four games to choose from, now Stoned Gamers can get in on even more of the action.

Our partners at Pot Rocks came through with some of the tastiest prizes we've ever seen for micro-tournaments. Just take a look at that amazing Pot Rock pre-rolled absolutely drenched in kief. That is next-level, stoned gamers.

Within just a handful of days we filled up our entire 32-Player Tournament Bracket. Some players you may recognize from last year's Stoned Gamer Season. Check out the legend on the graphic below for a full breakdown of all players that competed in the first Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of 2017.

After a heated battle (a story that will be fully told in a mini-documentary series later in the year), we were left with only four Stoned Gamers:

  1. Nick B: A veteran Stoned Gamer, 2016 Stoned Gamer Final Four player, and former member of Team Flytlab.
  2. Shaolin Sticks: A newly acquired member of Team Potrocks and a veteran Stoned Gamer from 2016.
  3. Fillossofher: A highly-touted newcomer to the Stoned Gamer Tournament.
  4. Zzyzx: The Grand Champion of the 2016 Stoned Gamer Tournament.

Nick B went up against Zzyzx in the quarter-final and eventually succumb to the ferocious offense of Zzyzx. In our second Quarter Final, Fillossofher battled Shaolin Sticks for a spot at the championship and in the second battle, Fillossofher secured his position to battle Zzyzx in the championship. 

In the best-of-five championship match-up, Zzyzx secured victory in 3-1 win, making him the first champion of the 2017 Stoned Gamer Season. This Zzyzx, he is an absolute juggernaut. 

Now check out some of the shots from the Tournament and be on the look out for the entire video debuting later this year in a mini-documentary series!

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