Vapexhale is the Official Elevation Device of the SGL

The Stoned Gamer League is proud to announce that Vapexhale is the Official Elevation Device of the SGL.

For years, the SGL has been providing Stoned Gamers in California (and now the world) a place to elevate and compete against some of the greatest elevated competition in the eSports community. Now, the Stoned Gamer League has identified the perfect Elevation Device for Stoned Gamers across the world, and it's the EVO by Vapexhale.

Unlike most dab rigs, the Vapexhale uses its patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology, implementing the science of convection to get your extract to the perfect temperature. Your concentrate never touches a heating element like a banger, coil or enail that could damage the taste and potency of your hit. Vapexhale uses the power of hot air to elevate your stoned gaming to a new dimension.

When it comes to efficiency, Vapexhale has you covered. The technology used in the EVO enables stoned gamers to use a fraction of their extract to deliver a hit unlike anything you've ever experienced. All you will need is roughly a rice-sized piece of extract to deliver an enormous hit and delicious flavors.

Vapexhale is the undeniable world-leader in dabbing. There is simply no other option that can provide a more potent and cleaner hit with minimal materials consumed. If you're into the aromatic power of flower, the EVO can also roast cannabis buds to deliver a perfectly clean vape the hits as hard as your favorite bong.

That's the genius of Vapexhale, and starting inside the Stoned Gamer Arena, all Stoned Gamers competing in the SGL will have the opportunity to experience the taste and quality of Vapexhale.

Be sure to follow Vapexhale on Instagram and Twitch. If you want to more about Vapexhale, check out their official site. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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