Win a RARE SGL 'BUDG' Pipe for pre-registering to play PUBG

Many of you had a blast in 2018 when the SGL introduced PUBG to the league. Now with the creation of the Stoned Gamer Arena in Los Angeles, CA this year, we are going to make this highly-popular event even bigger -- and we're working with Printabowl to give someone out there a custom SGL 'BUDG' pipe just for pre-registering to compete.

In order to be eligible to win this slick SGL 'BUDG' pipe created by Printabowl, you will need to have an SGL account! If you don't have an SGL account, become a registered Stoned Gamer at One lucky person will win this beauty, and don't forget -- we will be having massive prizes for the winner of BUDG tournaments within the SGL!

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