Wrap-Up of #13 Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament held 09/30 at Nexus Social Lounge

Nestled deep in Downtown Los Angeles, California resides a place called Nexus Social Lounge. It's essentially the state's first dedicated cannabis recreational facility -- just imagine your standard Hollywood club, and replace all the alcohol with the finest cannabis and extracts. While you're at it, replace all the skinny jeans you would normally see with jogging pants and basketball shorts, because stoners guffaw at fashion trends.

Nexus Social Lounge was the site of the Thirteenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2016 Season, and the prizes we were giving away were supreme. The champion received a quarter pound of hybrid marijuana from Pico Medical Los Angeles.

All of our Final Four Stoned Gamers also received a beautiful Nexus Glass Puck Dab Rig.

The Thirteenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament took place on the main stage promptly at 8pm. After set-up was complete, the tournament was ready to commence.

The Tournament was filled days before September 30th, however alternates were being accepted on-site at Nexus Social Lounge.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about holding a Stoned Gamer Tournament at Nexus Social Lounge is the complimentary Dab Bar that's built into the facility. Companies like Vader Extracts and Tree Base Klear were dispensing absolutely free samples of their fantastic extracts to all stoned gamers that competed in the tournament. With the subtle glow of light from strangely-colored lamps inside the bar, it was the best place for all competitors to get dabbed out before going to battle in the Tournament.

As far as the competition at the Thirteenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2016 Season, everyone brought their A game -- even the C students.

We had an interesting situation going into the Final Four, a round robin match-up to close out the qualifier members of the Thirteenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament. After the battles went down, we were left with the mighty Final Four. Starting from the left, @slarhnarble, @itsthatoneguyandy, @zzyxsmokeshopcamarillo, @zacatecas_jorge.

In the first Final Four match we saw @zacatecas_jorge go up against @itsthatoneguyandy and in the third battle, we saw Zacatecas advance to the championship round. Next up we had @zzyxsmokeshopcamarillo battle against @slarhnarble. If you want to watch the entire battle, we suggest you follow Stoned Gamer on Toke With to re-live the action, but it only took two matches to advance to the championship and in the best-of-three match-up, @zzyxsmokeshopcamarillo managed to polish off @zacatecas_jorge in just two bouts to be crowned the champion and the winner of the quarter pound of herb from Pico Medical Center. 

As always, here are the bonus photos from the event and don't forget to check out the Secret Flytlab Tournament footage debuting on Stnd.Gr this week.

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