WRAP-UP of Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament #16 held 10/30 at Blacklist Sesh

The Stoned Gamer Tournament has finally arrived to the final Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2016 season. The Tournament started on the April 20th weekend and now at the end of October the regular season has finalized at Blacklist Sesh, a venue the tournament has frequented before. Of course, the season must end with a BOSS BATTLE, and at our final qualifier we held a dual BOSS BATTLE with Team Flytlab's @CrashCityBrian and Team Blacklist Sesh's @Wolfricks.

Rules to the Dual BOSS BATTLE

  • At 7:00pm both BOSSES stayed on the arcade to play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for 90 minutes.
  • Anyone could challenge any BOSS.
  • ALL challengers took a dab of @DankTank_Official.
  • The first four that defeated any BOSS advanced to the GRAND FINALE Stoned Gamer Tournament being held December 3rd.
  • Each of the Final Four received a new WeedSap Reactor with loaded Dank Tank.
  • The BOSS received a Dank Tank pre-roll for each competitor he defeated.
  • Stoned Gamers that qualified in previous tournaments could face a BOSS in an exhibition match, but it did not affect outcome of any BOSS BATTLE.

Halloween was just around the corner, so after everything was set-up, the final Qualifying Tournament had a seriously spooky and ridiculous vibe.

Once the BOSS BATTLE started, Stoned Gamers were lined up, vying for their shot at greatness and a DankTank/Weedsap Reactor. Players were able to choose the boss they competed against, and the first person to take home a win was @d4dank666 coming out victorious against @WolfRicks.

Shortly after that battle, we saw the defeat of BOSS @CrashCityBrian by @BigMacDeezy!

After a few battles, we saw @WolfRicks taste defeat at the hands of @Peachy.Smoking.

The final Stoned Gamer to advance to the GRAND FINALE by defeating a BOSS was @J_Dilla_Dabs (and his dog) by crushing Team Blacklist Sesh's @WolfRicks.

At the end of the Sixteenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament, the BOSS BATTLE records were:

After the BOSS BATTLE, we held a SECRET micro-tournament to award one Stoned Gamer a fresh pair of Triton Call of Duty Limited-Edition PC headsets. The game of the Secret Tournament was Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter, and here were the Final Four of the Secret Tournament.

In the championship battle, we saw @N34KLDaSavage go up against @ShaolinSticks, and after a best-of-three battle, Shaolin Sticks came through with a 2-0 victory and became the proud owner of this limited-edition Triton headset.

Now that the regular season has official wrapped up, look for a slew of GRAND FINALE updates on Stoned Gamer in the coming days! Now, on to the bonus photos.

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