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SUPER HIGH SCORE: Stoned Pokemon Episode is Out NOW

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Most of you remember The Art of Getting Stoned And Staying Awake For a 24-Hour Pokemon Tournament in which I got entirely too high and tried to navigate through the social labyrinth of Pokemon and its trainers. Well that article was actually a piece of the second episode of Super High Score with our partners at MERRY JANE.

Since Snoop Dogg owns MERRY JANE, all of this is Snoop Dogg approved, folks. That's right, your Pokemon obsession has a resounding thumbs up from the king of stoned gaming himself. Watch Super High Score, give it a thumbs up, and let us be the most watched episode on MERRY JANE's YouTube channel. Thank you, stoned gamers. We love every one of you. Look out for Episode Three of Super High Score in which I take mushrooms and trip at E3, coming soon!

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