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Discover who you are with Absolver's 3-on-3 online melee action

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You wouldn’t believe the amount of impetuous climate I’ve been dealing with here in Clearlake, Texas. It was like that one Married With Children episode where the English town is in eternal darkness until all the male Bundy’s are slain. Now, I’m not sure who was sacrificed in order to bring the sun back out but as long as I’m able to puff on my blunt out on the terrace -- good riddance. After the rain cleared up, the transformers exploded while we had guests from Spain. While I was quite angry at the sequence of events, I knew it was a higher power reminding our Spaniard friends that it’s dark and hell is hot. Listen to more DMX, Jesus.

Through it all, the upcoming game called Absolver was dancing in the corners of my mind. I’m not joking. I mentally transformed Drake’s ‘Controlla’ song and switched it to ‘absolva, absolva’. It’s catchy and now it’s stuck in your head. You can keep the same lyrics but I don’t know how much sense that would make. Before you begin to assume that the Texas sun has cooked my brain like an egg on drugs, I should explain what Absolver actually is.

“In the ruins of the fallen Adal Empire, you awaken with a mysterious mask on your face, and faint recollections of an esoteric ceremony.”

Sounds a lot like Bohemian Grove doesn’t it, Alex Jones?

Absolver is going to be an online multiplayer RPG where you will fight others with a mask constantly attached to your face. You woke up like this. The mask is on your face because you must prove yourself worthy before the Guides -- the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire. It’s only after you have proven yourself worthy that they will let allow you to join their elite group of Absolvers.

At first I was apprehensive towards this title due to its aroma being similar to that of Soul Caliber. My worries dissolved once I sat and became engulfed by the trailer. Fighting in Absolver will not confide you to only 1 vs. 1 battles. These people read The Outsiders and made the right decision to provide us with 3 vs. 3 melee battles. And by ‘these people’ I mean the developers -- Sloclap. It’s going to be an old-fashioned online rumble…with masks. I wonder how these masks will affect your cardio.

Before you get the title of Absolver you’ll be called a Prospect. This will only intensify the online battles as lowly Prospects look to make their name against the ego-centric Absolvers. We just can’t seem to escape the caste system that rules the world. Someone has to be the loser. The interesting thing about Absolver will be the unique online narratives that you will create as you interact with the world and other players. Every player will have their own unique experience. Player interactions will have lasting consequences to your story. You will not know the intention of those you meet in the Absolver world. Some players will want to trade, become friends, or straight-up murk you. Trust will be a leap of faith as you will not know anyone’s true intentions. Still, you could be able to find meaningful relationships in your travels -- you could make friends, enemies, or gain a disciple or a mentor.

Absolver will become available in 2017 through Steam and consoles. That gives us enough time to sing the altered version of Drake’s song while we scourer through our couches collecting pennies to purchase Absolver upon release.

You know damn well that masks just make this game that much cooler.

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