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Why Are You Still Playing FIFA?

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FIFA has been corrupt throughout my whole life. It was probably one of the first facts that I learned about this planet, followed by the realizations that breast milk is great and breasts are greater. Later in my life I learned that FIFA was a non-profit organization and my young 13-year-old mind was permanently blown. The idea of FIFA was to have an organization that would facilitate the play and popularity of football throughout the world. It was not meant to go into countries and facilitate the building of stadiums through slave work and death. There are stadiums in Brazil that are abandoned now because they were built without thinking about usage after World Cup.

The sad reality is that FIFA doesn’t have to change. They know we, the football fanatics, are going to watch it on the television. FIFA gets a cut of those proceeds; they have us there. That’s why I decided to stop buying FIFA video games after FIFA 14. If there were no better options, I would have played FIFA 14 as it still gave me some fun and it was the only way I could actually prevent FIFA from getting my money. I looked for a number but I couldn’t find out how much FIFA actually gets from videogame sales. Don’t assume FIFA isn’t getting a cut of the profits. They have no problem collecting through slave labor or bribes.

It took for FIFA officials to be arrested and Sepp Blatter to be ousted to wake me up to the reality that we can actually say no to FIFA in some manner. We do not have to buy the videogame and it’s not about them. It’s mostly about us. We love football. We love futbol. We love soccer. If we can find a way to not feed the monster more morsels, we should do it. If you happen to not be that concerned of the essence of the game then I would understand your apathy towards the matter at hand. But there are actual better options for footballing games; we have choices.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, a great alternative to FIFA

This isn’t a call for a boycott. I do not believe in boycotts. I just want you to ask yourself the question: Why are you still playing FIFA? Assure that you do not answer it without deep thought. Let go of the fear and ego. Allow the question to marinate for a good while. Find out if you truly love this sport. Find out who you are.

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