The Pocky Tray

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Behold, the Pocky Tray. A once-in-a-lifetime tray themed around the Japanese candy Pocky. Only one exists on the planet, and it's part of Stonedgamer's Munchies Tray collection which features a total of 10 one-off rolling trays themed around munchies.

This rolling tray was designed by artist Esha from San Francisco and will come with a package that includes:

  • Stonedgamer Lunch Box
  • (2) Stonedgamer rice rolling paper packs
  • (2) Stonedgamer sticker slap packs
  • Stonedgamer keychain
  • Stonedgamer SG promo code
  • Stonedgamer assorted stickers
  • Stickers inspired by munchies


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