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The Golden Tray from StonedGamer, the first rolling tray truly designed for the stoned gamer.

Gleaming in a highly-reflective gold finish, The Golden Tray radiates elegance with its unique obround design which makes rolling while gaming effortless.

The Golden Tray comes encased in a beautiful ‘Stay High Play High’ black velvet bag that can be used as a carrying case for your new tray, or get creative and stash some of your favorite goodies inside wherever you go.

Stoned Gamer is laser-etched with unmatched precision on The Golden Tray, giving the entire piece a mark of excellence that’s unparalleled with any rolling tray.

There’s no way we could make a sexier rolling tray without getting arrested in all 50 states.

Upgrade Your Drop

Want more in your StonedGamer drop? Need to flex on your friends and show them how much of a dedicated Stoned Gamer you really are? Then upgrade your order with this incredibly dope package which includes a bundle of StonedGamer gear that will keep you elevated.

The StonedGamer Upgrade includes:

  • StonedGamer Lunchbox:
    This high-quality metal lunchbox is everything you need to hide your stash with reinforcement. The lunchbox features the SGL fist on one side and the ‘All The Power To All The People’ slogan with ‘StonedGamer’ written boldly in Cantonese on the opposite side. A sturdy lock and latch secures the lunchbox. The inside of this fantastic lunchbox features brushed anodized aluminum, making the interior durable and corrosion-resistant. The StonedGamer Lunchbox is also the perfect size to place a tear gas canister inside so that it can be extinguished.
  • (2) Packs of StonedGamer Rolling Papers:
    Enjoy elevation with these 100% natural rice papers. Ultra-thin, vegan, and Earth friendly. You can even eat them if you get hungry, although that would be an incredible waste of good rolling papers. Inside each pack are 33 high-quality, slow burn rice papers along with a Carl Sagan quote to help inspire you throughout your journeys in life. Don’t forget all 16 SGL teams are on every pack along with a QR code that takes you directly to so you can be close to all the action.
  • (2) StonedGamer Sticker Slap Packs:
    Now you can rep StonedGamer anywhere on this planet with the sweet StonedGamer Sticker Slap Pack that features five iconic StonedGamer glossy vinyl stickers that are outdoor resistant, so feel free to place them on equally iconic monuments and public spaces. You’ll get two packs so your laptop and consoles can easily be tagged up with StonedGamer iconography forever.
  • Redeemable Code for 5,000 SG:
    By now you’re familiar with SG, the currency designed for Stoned Gamers. If you’re not, read up about it here. Notice on your profile there’s a section that says ‘Redeem your SG Award?’ We’ve implemented this feature for the sole reason of letting Stoned Gamers across the world enter their unique code obtained in this upgrade package and be rewarded with 5,000 SG that can be used on to purchase gear and other items.

Highly Reflective Gold Finish

Are you tired of busy designs getting in the way of you and your elevation? Sometimes the designs on rolling trays are so confusing that you actually lose your bud on the rolling tray itself. Never let that happen anymore with The Golden Tray’s highly-reflective gold finish. Now you can see everything on the tray boldly reflected to know where every last morsel of your cannabis is. This gorgeous golden finish is easy to clean, polish, and great for those incredibly dope photos to flex on the gram. You no longer have to break up your bud on a boring rolling tray. We got your back, Stoned Gamers.

'Stay High Play High' Black Velvet Bag

Nothing says baller more than having a black velvet bag to shut the haters up. With anything -- you pull out a black velvet bag and everyone is going to sit down in absolute awe. The Stay High Play High black velvet bag is no different. It’s elegance on top of elegance, and it’s designed to not only protect The Golden Tray, but it serves as a top-notch carrying bag for any other goodies you may want to stroll around with in class. The famous ‘Stay High Play High’ slogan is embedded in golden ink giving a reflective look to the iconic phrase. The entire bag can be secured with two rope drawstrings at the top, the perfect container for whatever sacred herbs or devices you want to cast on other people, you neo-wizard.

Obround Design

Obround, a shape consisting of two semicircles connected by parallel lines tangent to their endpoints. In chinese, it’s called ‘長圓形.’ The shape was popularized in 1959 by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and hailed for its mathematical precision. Since then, the obround shape has been one of the most controversial non-euclidean shapes in existence. It just so happens that the obround shape is actually perfect for a rolling tray as it enables it to spin perfectly on its z-axis. When you receive The Golden Tray, try placing it on a hard surface and giving it a tap to see it rotate in perfection. The most adept design for a rolling tray in the industry. We will be copied, but it’s fine. We thought of it first.

Extreme Precision Laser Etching

When we envisioned The Golden Tray, we couldn’t imagine taking something so immaculately constructed and then ruining it by placing a wild graphic print that would only obstruct the rolling process and remove the luster of this piece. That’s why we needed to use only the highest degree of laser-etching technology to achieve the precision that we appreciate at StonedGamer. StonedGamer is emblazoned on The Golden Tray with Extreme Precision Laser Etching and the microscopic details are stunning.

Designed to roll while gaming

Have you ever tried to roll on a giant plastic rolling tray while you’re waiting in the lobby going to your next match? It’s chaotic, always results in a mess, and let’s face it, it’s just below you. You’re not a rookie, Stoned Gamer. You didn’t just recently arrive at this lifestyle. This is who you are, and you deserve a rolling tray designed for your lifestyle. The Golden Tray is designed so that you can perfectly balance the entire piece of your leg. No moving parts or gimmicky compartments that are never used. The Golden Tray is highly-reflective so that even in darkness you can identify what’s awaiting for you.

We’ve tested The Golden Tray with the following games and it has received an A+ rating:

  • Rocket League
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Fortnite
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • NBA 2k
  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Animal Crossing
  • Ring Fit Adventures
  • DOTA 2
  • Valorant
  • Grande Theft Auto V
  • League of Legends
  • Counterstrike
  • Starcraft 2
  • Minecraft
  • Apex Legends

Game and roll with precision with The Golden Tray, only available in extremely limited quantities at You do not want to sleep on this once-in-a-lifetime StonedGamer merchandise.

Once it’s gone, it will never be available ever again.


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SG, the official currency of Stoned Gamers.Click here to learn more about SG. With every purchase, you will earn a redeemable By now you’re familiar with SG, the currency designed for Stoned Gamers. If you’re not, read up about it here. Notice on your profile there’s a section that says ‘Redeem your SG Award?’ We’ve implemented this feature for the sole reason of letting Stoned Gamers across the world enter their unique code obtained when purchasing from the Stoned Gamer shop and receive 5,000 SG that can be used on to purchase gear and other items.