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SGL - Beta Update 5/17/2018

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Under his eye, Stoned Gamers. The Stoned Gamer League (SGL) site has been online for a week, and we have seen an influx of new players and SGL sign-ups! Points have been earned, badges have been released, and achievements have been unlocked. Congratulations!

Now that we have a week under the belt, it's only right to drop the official Beta Update 0.02 on everyone. Improvements have been made, things have been fixed, and of course fantastic features have been added. Have a look.

Update 0.02 - 05/17/2018

  • File Attachments Enabled
    • Some players wanted an upload/attachment feature on SGL so they can share squad logos, along with other art. SGL members can now upload any of these formats to their profile and conversations:
      • txt,jpg,png,gif,zip,pdf
      • Max File Size: 3mb
  • Photo Uploads Enabled
    • Now SGL members can upload and share photos on their profile. Create albums, share screen shots, and gain glory on SGL!
      • Members can display 10 photos per page
      • Photos can be tagged with location
      • EXIF will be collected on photos to determine authenticity in photo submitted contests and promotions that will be running on SGL in the future
      • All photos will be downloadable to all SGL members in the original format
  • SG Point Definition (Part 1)
    • SG points is an evolving system and the first point definition article was composed. Feel free to read on how you can start earning SG points today!
  • General aesthetic updates
  • General functionality update
    • Database optimization
    • Everything is just a little faster :)
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