There's nothing more depressing than using bud and videogames to escape your problems only to realize that you've unlocked a new set of weed-related issues in the digital universe you veered into. It's an increasing problem in the gaming industry -- marijuana has always been cool, and your favorite videogames want to hop on the ganja bandwagon. However when the virtual marijuana you inhale causes more stress in both the video game realm and your world, it's just downright depressing.

I originally wrote this list for High Times earlier this year, but there was alot of material that incidentally was left out. Therefore here is the complete and unedited list of The Top Ten Most Depressing Weed Moments in Videogame History.

Saturday, 27 September 2014 00:00

420 Character Reviews - Destiny

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8.7 Game Rating - Destiny

It's impossible for Bungie to screw up a fps, so naturally everyone expects the best from the inventor of Halo. Destiny is what Halo should have been before Microsoft and Bungie parted ways. It's Halo infused with Star Wars and Borderlands, with a hint of the hyper-paced action of CoD. The multiplayer is perfected, but the storyline is brain-numbingly confusing and forgettable. Still, you should be playing this.

I used to get detentions in junior high school for stuffing my backpack full of High Times magazines and now over a decade later some kid is getting reprimanded for brandishing one of my High Times feature articles. Words can't even begin to express how incredibly surreal this cycle of stonership truly is.