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We don't get high in the SGL. We elevate.

The Proof of Elevation system is a staple in the Stoned Gamer League, and now you can rock the POE Sweater showing the world that you have officially elevated and met the requirements to be considered a Stoned Gamer.

Super comfortable, extremly high quality

Every POE Sweater is constructed by hand. We're talking about fabric being sewn together to make a sweater. We're not buying Hanes and just printing a logo on it. That's not our style. We're giving you something that will last. Built for quality.


Support the SGL

It's time for you to show the entire world what gaming league you're a part of. Vote with your dollar, and help the SGL grow and prosper.


Impeccable Quality

Every POE Sweater has the red Stonedgamer label sewn at the bottom. A mark of quality and prestige. 


Made in the 5th Dimension

No weird tags that scratch your neck. We wouldn't do that to you. Only a small print where the label should be. Made in the 5th dimension.


Seal of Freshness

Look out for the Stonedgamer seal of freshness. It lets you know that your order was inspected for quality before shipping. You can keep the sticker too if you're into that.


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Highest Quality Assurance

Every drop inside the Stoned Gamer Shop is customized and details with impeccable accuracy. All apparel is cut from a unique pattern designed by the team at Stoned Gamer. We aren't just selling you cheap t-shirts with a print on it. Not at all. We are giving fashion and design to a culture that has been underrepresented for years. Stoned Gamers across the world need high-quality gear and apparel to adapt to their unique lifestyles, and we are here to provide the highest quality that we can achieve within every Stoned Gamer drop available inside the Stoned Gamer Shop.


Earn SG everytime you purchase

SG, the official currency of Stoned Gamers.Click here to learn more about SG. With every purchase, you will earn a redeemable By now you’re familiar with SG, the currency designed for Stoned Gamers. If you’re not, read up about it here. Notice on your profile there’s a section that says ‘Redeem your SG Award?’ We’ve implemented this feature for the sole reason of letting Stoned Gamers across the world enter their unique code obtained when purchasing from the Stoned Gamer shop and receive 5,000 SG that can be used on SGL.gg to purchase gear and other items.