Our Stance On Marijuana

Let's not kid ourselves here. Humanity outlawing a plant that emerges from the natural Earth is not only nonsensical, but above all else it's arrogant. We're basically laying claim that the natural life cycle that made us evolve from primates to humans and what makes a seed bloom into a gorgeous purple tulip is fallible. Humans are apparently the arbitrator of Mother Nature, and that despite the wonderful things she can do like enable a mammal to give live birth, growing marijuana from your soil is just wrong and it's going to collapse society, force all of our children to worship satan, and will push entire populations to engage in violent gun battles over a dime bag.

The truth is marijuana is the only thing that can save humanity from itself. A stoned nation is a nation that realizes there's no reason to fly overseas just to shoot some son or daughter in the face under the guise of the military. The only fear that can result from marijuana use is the sudden realization that you don't have to be a perfectly shaped cog in this world that operates on a 9-5 time cycle. You are your own hero in your story, now act like it.