Rules and Guidelines for

Every society must abide by rules. Even chaos is nothing without the concept of order. Without it, there is no reference point and chaos just becomes order. The same goes for everything and nothing. Think about it, nothing is infinity's twin. If you took everything in this universe and then subtracted its exact opposite, you would get nothing. Nothing is nothing, but at the same time it's everything.

So those rules thing, yeah. Here they are:

1.) Don't be homophobic

Because we're over the age of five.

2.) Don't be racist

If you're going to troll, do it without being racist.

3.) Please don't hack into our $#!^

This thing took forever to build, so please don't break it. We're here to make you laugh, not for you to see us cry.

4.) Don't steal our weed

Seriously though. Have a bowl, not our entire prescription.

That's it. All of those are bannable offenses, especially the part about stealing our stash. Look, just don't be an asshole and you'll fit in fine here.