Win this 'Botany Enthusiast' toy compliments of Citizen Brick!

Contest Over!

The winner of this contest was @LegoWW2Reviews!

Yes, we all know it's a friggin' stoner LEGO guy with a bong, but technically toymaker Citizen Brick can't say it is due to some nonsense called 'international copyright law.' Although that hasn't stopped guys like from assisting in the distribution of millions of copyright-protected content -- and more power to them. In a utopian society, all information will be available to any human being at no cost, and that includes works of art like film and music as well as documents that have been stored in government vaults for decades. However in this reality that we inhabit, companies like Citizen Brick must watch their legal backs from massive corporate conglomerates before making masterpieces like this.

That's Citizen Brick's 'Botany Enthusiast,' and if you visit their online store you'll see that it's completely sold out. The only way to get it (at the moment) is to enter our new Citizen Brick x The Stoned Gamer social media contest -- and it's so friggin' easy to enter, you guys.

1.) Follow @TSGtwt and @CitizenBrick on Twitter.
2.) Tag @TSGtwt and @CitizenBrick with the hashtag #BotanyEnthusiast.
3.) On December 1st we will pick a random winner from the tweets we receive to get this slick Lego stoner guy.

That's all you have to do, so get at it, stoned gamers.