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The Stoned Boy.

Without a doubt our favorite portable dab rig inside the StonedGamer HQ.

Nothing tops the performance and overall dopeness of Wizman’s Stoned Boy. It looks exactly like an old-school Game Boy from Nintendo and the LCD screen is adorned with the cutest pixelart. It’s the ultimate conversation starter and when you want to get elevated, it hits like the Large Hadron Collider

Not to mention, Wizman has been a closer partner of the SGL since 2017. You guys like the StonedGamer Hong Kong logo? That's attributed directly to our Hong Kong homies at Wizman. StonedGamer is so incredibly honored to offer the Stoned Boy, the official portable dab rig of the SGL.

The Tech of the Stoned Boy

  • 3D Heating
    Comprehensive heating, seal vaping chamber, visiable chamber door, heat insulation, thumb-control air flow.
  • Modular Filter
    Very easy to clean and replace, spill-free design.
  • RGB screen:
    Large full-color screen, phone size, the dopest vapor ever.
  • Portable
    Put it on your neck with wide selection of straps, dab wherever you want
  • Fast Heating
    10 seconds to reach 300F, maximum 600F, great for either high temp or low temp, precise temperature control, instant temperature and timing display.
  • Lighting Mode:
    8 colors of lights, 7 strobing modes, party starter!

Support Hong Kong

Wizman's Stoned Boy comes from the heart of Hong Kong, and are made by some of SGL's closest friends in the industry. They are out here fighting the good fight so that you can have an amazing future, a future without oppression and with whatever herbal substance you want to enjoy. Grab a Stoned Boy and support the movement. Shipped directly from Los Angeles, California.


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