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Guide to SGL Teams - Team Abilities and How to Join a Team

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As we get ever so close to the opening of the Stoned Gamer Arena in Los Angeles, California, it's important to inform Stoned Gamers of the 16 SGL Teams that will be implemented. There is a lot of information to educate our players regarding SGL Tournaments beginning at the start of the Stoned Gamer Arena, so we've compiled this handy SGL Team Guide for you.

Think of teams like alliances

Beginning in 2020 SGL Season, all tournaments will be held under SGL Teams.

A total of sixteen Teams will be introduced to the Stoned Gamer League (SGL). These Teams are:

Any SGL player can join a team.

We want players to truly think of Teams as alliances that span the globe. Teams are not geographically locked to a certain area or restricted to any skill level. 

All Teams are open to all players in SGL and are free to join for all existing Stoned Gamer players. In fact, in order to compete in the Stoned Gamer League, a person must first join a Team prior to competing. Even if a player intends to compete in a solo, head-to-head tournament, they will compete under the affiliation of their Team. Joining a Team will begin four weeks before the opening of the Stoned Gamer Arena.

Each SGL Team has a Unique Ability.

Each Team within the Stoned Gamer League has a unique ability that is inherent to their Team. Check out the complete list of SGL Team Abilities below:

Once a player joins a team, they gain access to their team's ability.

Each player competing in the SGL will gain access to their Team's ability during tournament and competitive gameplay. Team abilities will not be applicable for casual gameplay, special events, or most non-digital gameplay (tabletop games i.e. board games, pen and paper...etc).

Each SGL Team Will Have Unique Gear, Equipment, Player Perks and access to Team Events

Every Team inside the Stoned Gamer League will have their own official SGL Team Jersey. Wearing an SGL Team Jersey during competitive gameplay is encouraged, but is not required and does not affect gameplay. Non-competitive bonuses and opportunities are available to players that wear SGL Team Jerseys during gameplay including (but not limited to) press availability, photo shoots, media interviews, bonus gear, and branded sponsorships and giveaways. 

SGL Teams will also have unique apparel like team-exclusive hoodies, sweatpants, and hats that will be available on and within Stoned Gamer Arenas. While the full line of apparel is still being created, here are a few previews of SGL Team apparel:

SGL Team gear and equipment will be coming to the Stoned Gamer Arena and in 2020. Items will include SGL Team pipes, bongs and dab rigs. Other smoking accessories will be available for Team members after the launch of the Stoned Gamer Arena including SGL Team rolling papers, torches/lighters. Non-cannabis SGL Team equipment will also be available which will range from limited-edition collectibles to exclusive digital goods.

Players can use SG or US Dollar to purchase SGL equipment, gear, and apparel. To learn more about SG, the currency designed for Stoned Gamers, click here.

In some circumstances, SGL Team equipment, gear, and apparel can be obtained by completing designated gaming/smoking challenges or as rewards for tournaments and events.

Changing teams is allowed, but with limitations.

Sometimes when a player selects their SGL Team, they may want to eventually switch teams due to a Team Ability not fitting their specified method of gaming or other unforeseen reasons. While it's encouraged that players stick with their initial Teams throughout the duration of their Stoned Gamer career, every player is entitled to change Teams once every year at no cost. If a player wants to make more than two Team switches in a calendar year, it will cost an unspecified amount of SG that will be established before the opening of the Stoned Gamer Arena. Players that want to make more than two Team switches during a calendar year will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Squads Are Not Teams

Squads Will Remain Intact.

With the inclusion of teams starting with the opening of the Stoned Gamer Arena in 2020, it's important to note that existing (and new) SGL Squads will stay in-tact. 

Squads are groups of friends, existing clans, brands, or internet communities.

SGL Squads are free to create (Squads are being revamped and will be available for creation in 2020). Squads are ways to build and maintain communities on Once you created a squad, you can invite others to join and share posts, comments, links, and photos. Squads on have the functionality of a Subreddit. You can choose to leave your squad public or make it private/invite only. Squad pages on SGL can be edited with customized profile and background images that can be uploaded. Milestones can be created for other Squad members to achieve. Polls can also be created for members to vote on. More features will be coming to squads in 2020.

Squads can be made of players from different teams.

All Squads can comprise of members of different SGL Teams. There is no requirement for Squad members to also be members of the same Team.

When an SGL Tournament requires squad-based gameplay, each squad will play under a single team.

Tournaments within the SGL can be either:

  • Individual Gameplay: This gameplay is reserved for players competing in head-to-head match-ups with another single opponent. 1 vs. 1. During this gameplay, individual players will compete with Team abilities under the banner of an official SGL Team. In some special occurrences, SGL Teams will not be applied to gameplay.
  • Squad Gameplay: This gameplay is reserved for players competing in squad-based match-ups with another squad. 2 vs. 2 (up to 8 vs 8). During this gameplay, squads will compete with a single Team ability under the banner of a single official SGL Team. In some special occurrences, SGL Teams will not be applied to gameplay.
  • Pure Team Gameplay: This gameplay is reserved for special team-only match-ups with another team. 2 vs. 2 (up to 8 vs 8). During this gameplay, members of a single SGL team will compete against members of another single SGL Team. Players must be a member of a specific team in order to compete under Pure Team Gameplay.

In Squad-Based Gameplay, the Team with the most players in a squad becomes the dominant team. If the number of teams in a squad are even, the dominant team will be randomly selected.

Squads will consist of players from other SGL Teams. When a squad competes in Squad Gameplay, the SGL Team that has the most number of players within a squad will become the dominant team, which results in the squad competing under that SGL Team with its unique Team abilities. For example: Squad A is competing in 3 vs 3 Apex Legends Tournament. Squad A gathers their three best Apex players, with these three players belonging to Team Natural, Team Stay High, and Team Natural. When Squad A competes in the 3 vs. 3 Apex Legends Tournament, the Squad will compete under Team Natural with the team's unique abilities because 2 out of 3 players on the squad belong to the same team.

When a Squad competes and there is no dominant Team (the SGL Team members are even) then the Squad must agree on a single SGL Team to compete under before the tournament begins. At least one player must be a member of the SGL Team the Squad will compete under. If a Squad cannot self-assign an SGL Team, each member of the Squad will be assigned a number and a random number generator (RNG) will be used to assign an SGL Team for the Squad.


Team Abilities

Team abilities are perks, attributes, effects, and bonuses unique to each SGL Team.

All sixteen Teams in the Stoned Gamer League have a unique ability that that are exclusive to each Team. No Team ability is the same.

Every team ability is designed to be strategically used during sgl tournaments to gain an advantage, effect your opponent, or to manipulate a factor within tournament gameplay.

Team abilities have been meticulously designed to affect gameplay and tournament structure to gain a benefit during (and before) gameplay or to negatively affect your opponent. Here is a complete list of all sixteen Team abilities:

  • Team BhomersDoppelgänger
    Substitute another Team member in your place for a single match
  • Team BurnersRobbery
    Double your championship prize
  • Team ShatterDabslayer
    Force opponent to take a level 3 dab in between a match or round*
  • Team Lit: Juxtapose
    Switch round results with your opponent in a single match
  • Team PsychonautTeleport
    Switch starting bracket positions with another competitor in a tournament
  • Team Deathtron IndustriesHackproof
    Prevent any Team ability from being used on you
  • Team elev8: Dignitary
    Zero entry fee for any SGL Tournament
  • Team Fade LogicEvaporate
    Any points scored or action taken by your opponent between the 4:20 - 4:40 mark of a tournament is void
  • Team Iron GalaxyJudoka
    Use your opponent's Team ability against them or use the ability for yourself
  • Team Lift City: Ascend
    Skip the first round of a tournament and advance to the next round
  • Team Massif: Climbatize
    Double tournament points earned in a single match
  • Team Natural: Anniherblation
    Force opponent to take a level 3 bong hit in between a match or round*
  • Team Phyre: Chrono
    6-second head start in any tournament match
  • Team 飛行玩家 ("Stay High"): Aerodynamic
    Significant point increase in Proof of Elevation bonus
  • Team R3kt SystemsManifest
    Receive 8 tournament points for every minute of active tournament gameplay
  • Team Verte: Resurrect
    Instantly rematch your opponent upon any single match loss

Team abilities can be used in single-player SGL tournament gameplay and squad-based tournament gameplay and Pure Team Gameplay.

Once an SGL player has selected a team, they will gain access to their Team's ability. These abilities can be applied to all three gameplay types within SGL.

Each team ability can be used once by a person or squad each sgl tournament.

A Team ability can only be used once during a single-day tournament. In individual/single-player gameplay, a person has the liberty to use their team ability at any point within the tournament and only once per tournament. In squad-based gameplay, any person from the Squad can use the Team ability during a tournament. Only one person can activate a Team ability within a squad. In Pure Team gameplay, only one person can activate a Team ability within a Team.

On occasion, a Team may go up against the same Team in an SGL Tournament. The same rules are still applied and Team abilities can be enacted upon the rival Team.


Team Structure

Leadership of SGL Teams.

When the Stoned Gamer Arena opens in 2020, SGL will host initial tournaments for each SGL Team, a total of 16 team-specific Team tournaments that are available only to players that aspire to be a team or are already a member of the SGL Team. The champion of each Team tournament will be offered the role of Team Leader.

Team Leader.

A Team Leader is a full-time paid position with the Stoned Gamer League. Team Leaders will be responsible for recruiting new Stoned Gamers within their team, maintaining Team properties on SGL, and weekly broadcasting on Twitch. More details on Team Leader positions will be available as we approach closer to the opening of the Stoned Gamer Arena in 2020.

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