How To Earn SG, the currency designed for Stoned Gamers

Ready to earn SG? Well there's a good chance that if you have an SGL profile, you already have accumulated SG and want to know how to get more. 

You're also asking yourself what is SG good for. In the Stoned Gamer League, SG is the currency that is used to enter and compete in exclusive tournaments and events in the Stoned Gamer League. SG can also be used to purchase limited-edition Stoned Gamer gear located in the Stoned Gamer Shop (opening soon).

Every week are featured opportunities on SGL to earn SG. Be sure to come back to this page to see how you can earn SG and build up your stack within the Stoned Gamer League!

Some SG new additions in 2019:

Note to Mobile Users: Turn phone horizontal to view the Definitive Guide to earning SG in its entirety.

Platform Task Point Total Limit
Become a Stoned Gamer God
To be granted this point total, you must follow SGL on Twitchand obtain a top four spot in Donations or Cheers.
475 1
Register an account on 420 1
Gain an Achievement
To earn an achievement, you must accomplish a certain feat within Official SGL Gameplay (Become a Champion, reach the Final Four of a Season...etc).
250 1
Subscribe to SGL's Twitch
To be granted this point total, you must follow SGL on Twitchand subscribe to any tier subscription.
250 1
Pre-Register for Team
To pre-register for one of the sixteen teams in the Stoned Gamer League starting in 2019, click here.
160 1
Purchase Stoned Gamer Gear
Coming soon, the official SGL Shop.
Create New Squad
All official SGL gameplay in the 2018 SGL Season requires a Squad to compete. Login to your account and create your squad today or join up on your friend's squad!
Invite a Friend
Use your custom referral link to earn these SG points.
Join a Squad 15  
Create Photo Album 12  
RSVP an event
When a tournament or event is being held in the SGL, players can RSVP to secure the placement.
Start a Convo with More Than 1 Friend 7  
Start a convo 5  
Add a friend 5  
Add a Video
Add a video to your profile using Youtube, Vimeo..etc. to show your fellow Stoned Gamers what you're watching.
Update Avatar 3  
Post an Update 3  
When someone likes your post 3  
Approve a Friend Request 2  
Update Squad 2  
Upload Photo 2  
Read Article on Site
Read any article on and earn SG!
2 100
Invite User to Existing Conversation 1  
Be Followed By Another User 1  
Reply to a conversation 1  
Read a conversation 1  
Like a Squad discussion 1  
Reply to Squad Discussion 1  
Create Squad Announcement 1  
Create Squad Milestone 1  
Create Squad Task 1  
Resolve Squad Task 1  
Tag a photo 1  
Like a photo 1  
Comment on photo 1  
Like a Video 1  
Comment on Video 1  
Remove a Photo tag -1  
Unlike a photo -1  
Comment removed from photo -1  
Unlike Video -1  
Comment removed from video -1  
Remove a friend -5  
Remove a squad -5  
Remove Photo -5  
Remove photo album -5  
Remove video -5  
Remove Squad -50  
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