Results of the SECOND 2017 Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament

After a smashing start to the season at the end of April, the second Stoned Gamer Qualifier of the season went down May 27th at quite literally the home of 90s hip-hop, Delicious Vinyl.

Home to The Pharcyde (Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde is on of the greatest albums of all time, btw) and Def Jef, Delicious Vinyl had just the amount of rich hip-hop history to make the second Stoned Gamer Qualifier something of legend.

When player registration went live, the official brackets filled up relatively quick.

With our partners Pot Rocks, Dank Tank, and Toke TV ready, the second Stoned Gamer Qualifier of the season had all the necessary ingredients to hold an explosive tournament.

When May 27th arrived, the Stoned Gamer action ignited.

After some heated Street Fighter 2 action, we were left with the final four competitors of the evening.

From Left to Right: Zacatecas, Holy Smokes, ISupply420, Real Deal Neal.

In the first Final Four match-up, ISupply420 took on Holy Smokes and managed to barrel through his competition in a 2-0 win.

In the second match-up we saw Real Deal Neal take on Zacatecas. After a close battle, Real Deal Neal pulled off the win in a 2-1 match victory.

We were now left with the final two players in the Second Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2017 Season: ISupply420 and Real Deal Neal. The championship prize, an ultra-rare Wizman 420 Psychedelic Loot Chest.

We were fortune to have the Wizman 420 crew in the Stoned Gamer HQ just before they returned to China. After a hefty amount of DMT from Wizman was passed around the office, we thought their rad portable dab kit would be perfect for the winner of this legendary tournament.

When the players saw what was at stake, the focus elevated to superhuman levels, and we were off in a best-of-three Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition battle.

In just minutes the world quickly saw what many suspected the minute ISupply420 walked onto the Stoned Gamer Tournament scene; the guy is an absolute monster that is hell-bent on crushing the competition in a spectacular way. It only took 141 seconds for ISupply420 to demolish Stoned Gamer legend Real Deal Neal and become the champion of the Second Stoned Gamer Qualifier.

Now that the Second Stoned Gamer Tournament has wrapped, we have eight powerful stoned gamers that have officially qualified for the 2017 Stoned Gamer Grand Finale which will be held in December.

Now check out more shots from the Second Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament.

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