SGL - Q2 Qualifiying Tournament of the 2018 Season - Rocket League

The second SGL Rocket League Qualifying Tournament of the 2018 SGL Season was held on August 17th 2018 and the action was blazing hot on an equally hot summer night.

While the squads may seem locked in stone, SGL officials had to disqualify AiMc for lack of Proof of Elevation, a first in the 2018 SGL Season. AiMC was replaced with the Indoor Athletes. Empire of Fire NA1 and NA2 had a last-minute name change within the SGL -- the updated squad names were 'Octane Gang' and 'The Other Guys.' The Other Guys represents the same 'Empire of Fire' seen in the first SGL Q1 this season.

The winner of the Q2 SGL Qualifier and the new owners of a StonedBoy dab rig from Wizman 420 was Octane Gang! Congrats and be sure to follow these valiant Stoned Gamers on SGL.


Check out these highlights from the event!

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