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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 22:02

TheStonedGamer.com is being re-designed, and here's why...

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Nothing exists, everything is imaginary, death is an illusion -- oh, and TheStonedGamer.com is undergoing a redesign.

When the site first started in October 2nd 2014, The Stoned Gamer was intended to serve as a much-needed avenue for the indie gaming scene. The vast majority of gamers become indoctrinated in the AAA scene at an early age. We've all been there, and quite frankly we have console gaming to blame for it. With a seemingly infinite influx of Call of Duty and Gears of Wars offerings slapped on every mode of advertising humanity invented, one would be hard-pressed to recognize that we are indeed in the golden age of independent game development.

Then there's the whole cannabis thing.

We get stoned and deeply analyze obscure games and gaming culture. That's our bread and butter, folks. From underground Sonic the Hedgehog sex parties, to exploring the world of Vore, to covering E3 while under the influence of mushrooms. The Stoned Gamer documents 'deep gaming.' Since our launch, we're honored to have unique voices like Tyson O'Ham covering the most esoteric particles of the gaming industry and making them wildly entertaining in the process. Dave Walsh, a published sci-fi author eloquently taking us through his own journeys in the gaming world. Fabian Funez, MMA fan turned esteemed gaming journalist. Caleb Chen and Adam Conklin have also contributed great works to The Stoned Gamer library, and our newest writer, Jay Warr is just getting started in her Stoned Gamer journalism career.

If that was the extent of what TSG had to offer, there would be no reason to redesign this beast. However, never in our wildest dreams did we think The Stoned Gamer Tournament would take off like it did.

Our eSports division is undoubtedly the largest thing about The Stoned Gamer brand, and we had no idea it would grow this large in such a small amount of time. Our first Stoned Gamer Tournament occurred at the XO Gold Cup last year (exactly a year after we initially launched) and since then we've created an entire eSports organization that tours California at various cannabis festivals across the state. Just this year we've held eleven qualifying Stoned Gamer Tournaments with five more planned and a Grand Finale scheduled for the end of the year. We've picked up fabulous partners like Toke W/, Flytlab, Aqualab Technology, Dank Tank, and Snoop Dogg's MERRY JANE.

The troubling part of all of this is if you're not following us on Instagram (@instastonedgamer), there's a good chance you're unaware of any of this. The reason being, the current design of TheStonedGamer.com simply doesn't facilitate an eSports section -- and it's become the forefront of the entire Stoned Gamer namesake.

Instead of wallowing in our collective sorrows, we decided to immediately resolve this -- and the only way to do it is completely redesign TheStonedGamer.com from the ground up.

The Stoned Gamer 2.0 will feature an eSports section called 'Tournament' along with our existing 'Gaming' category. We're also introducing a new section of TSG simply entitled 'Cannabis.'

Of course there will be an influx of fresh aesthetics, mechanics, and some goodies that we're intentionally withholding from you, because quite frankly we're still trying to hone its usability. If you're worried about losing anything TheStonedGamer.com currently offers, don't. Everything that you love of TSG will still be here, we're just adding to the Stoned Gamer experience -- and we're pretty sure you're going to love it.

With that said, we're looking to relaunch TheStonedGamer.com on September 5th 2016. The site will still be here, so enjoy this animal that has suddenly become antiquated under our stoned innovation in the gaming industry. In the meantime, continue to soak up Stoned Gamer goodness, as well as all of our social media outlets.


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