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What are medals (and how do I earn them)?

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SGL Medals are a new exciting addition to the Stoned Gamer League and it's designed to celebrate those Stoned Gamers that may not want to compete in the SGL, but still want to show the world how much of a Stoned Gamer they truly are.

Medals are earned by achieving non-tournament goals and accomplishing tasks that don't necessarily relate to competitive gaming. Once a medal is earned, it exists on your SGL account for the rest of time and space. Here is where SGL medals live on your profile:

The official SGL Medal list is ever-evolving, so be sure to check back frequently to see what new medals have been added for Stoned Gamers to earn!

Some new addition to SGL medals in 2019:

Note to Mobile Users: Turn phone horizontal to view the Definitive Guide to earning SG Medals in its entirety.

Audience Medals

Medal Name Description
HOOPS Viewer Be an audience member and view an SGL HOOPS Rocket League Tournament

Twitch Medals

Medal Name Description
Temple Wrecker Awarded for watching the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer)
Simul-Blaze Awarded for smoking simutaneously during the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer)
Stoned Gamer God Awarded for reaching the top 4 list of donators or bit givers in the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer)
Subway Awarded for subscribing to the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer) for one month
Subway Express Awarded for subscribing to the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer) for three consecutive months
Subway Galactic Awarded for subscribing to the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer) for six consecutive months
Subway Eternal Awarded for subscribing to the Official Stoned Gamer Twitch (@OfficialStonedGamer) for twelve consecutive months

Tournament Medals

Medal Name Description
Proof of Elevation Compete in an SGL Tournament and show Proof of Elevation. To find out more about Proof of Elevation, click here.

In-Real-Life Medals

Medal Name Description
Get HIGH with Zeus! This RARE medal is for those that have smoked cannabis with the creator of the SGL, Zeus Tipado
Experience the SGL Attend a live SGL Tournament or Event at the Stoned Gamer Arena or at an SGL pop-up across the world

Rare Medals

Medal Name Description
Blessed by Zeus Zeus, the creator of SGL, has awarded you a medal along with an SG reward

Medals no longer available

Medal Name Description
SGL Practice Pioneer This medal is for those that attended the first online practice sesh in SGL history
2018 Stoned Gamer Survey Awarded for completing the 2018 Stoned Gamer Survey, presented by Vapexhale
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