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WRAP UP of TSG #10 Qualifying Tournament held 07/17 at Blacklist Sesh

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The heat in Los Angeles this Summer has crossed the threshold of whether global warming 'maybe' is happening. Folks, we are in the middle of global warming. It's not going to happen -- it is happening. Put a frog in a pot of boiling hot water and it's going to jump out immediately. However put that frog in a pot of room temperature water and slowly heat it up, it will never know it's being boiled alive. I guess that's the state of everything that's happening in America right now, not just the heatwave. 

For this Stoned Gamer Tournament we traveled to the land of San Bernardino, put on the map by several politicians that have used it as their platform in whatever political agenda they're pushing. A terrorist incident happened there. Lives were lost and it was an absolute tragedy. However the city of San Bernardino must rebuild, and we're doing our part by hosting The Stoned Gamer Tournament in San Bern at Blacklist Sesh.

You may have remembered our third Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament was held at Blacklist Sesh and more importantly it's where we witnessed the emergence of @n34lkdasavage and @CrashCityBrian, two very high seeds within The Stoned Gamer Tournament. Although they couldn't play again until the Grand Finale,  the duo decided to make an appearance to watch some of the action take place. It's also important to note that CrashCityBrian's stoned gaming fashion is at height that's never been seen before in human history.

Of course n34lkdasavage came through like the boss that he is, smoking the finest of product from Dank Tank.

We even had the host of Blacklist Sesh, @StonerRob, come out to slay the competition in the tournament.

We also saw an official declaration into The Stoned Gamer Tournament from @WolfRicks, a guy that we saw dominant in several exhibition matches leading up to our third qualifier earlier this year.

It should go without saying that all of our competitors stayed heartily stoned throughout the tournament, compliments of Dank Tank. We also had @inksmith909 rolling as much herb as humanly possible.

In some high-paced Marvel vs. Capcom 2 competition, we eventually were down to our Final Four Stoned Gamers.

From left to right we have @wolfricks, @_beecreative, Shock Bot, @william.steele.121 -- all that remained in the tenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2016 Season.

The match-ups were all heated, and you can see them all when you download the Toke W/ app on your phone and follow @StonedGamer, but in the end @_beecreative took out Shock Bot in a 2-1 match finish to be crowned the champion of our tenth Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament.

All final four competitors have advanced to the Grand Final Stoned Gamer Tournament which will be held at the end of the year! Here are some bonus photos for all of you eager stoned gamers out there.

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