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WRAP UP of TSG #11 Qualifying Tournament held 07/23 at Compassesh

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If any of you follow planet Earth and the local environmental happenings in California, then you were probably aware of the seasonal brush fires that seem to turn into roaring blazes overnight, destroying entire communities located in the hills and mountains of the West Coast. Well quite frankly the only solution to not having your house burned down is simply not building a house on a friggin' mountain. Unless you're Aquaman or that dude from Captain Planet, you can't stop the Earth from Earthing. If every house and human was suddenly removed from the planet, that wouldn't be abnormal -- in fact it would be a return to normality.

Even though we were in the midst of a flurry of brush fires, the real heat happened inside the eleventh Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament held at Compassesh. Oh, and did we mention the sky looked like this throughout the day?

Quite literally though, by the start of our Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament, the Compassesh venue turned into a clay oven, and we were all being baked like individual pan pizzas. It was the hottest that I, or anyone on the crew of TSG have ever experienced. The kind of hot that you just accept you will collapse and pass out -- and then you're sorta surprised that it doesn't happen. It was so hot that competitor @stonervixen gamed in just her bathing suit -- and it was amazing.

Before the TSG crew showed up to Compassesh in Van Nuys, the tournament was already full, so we had our full brackets ready for anyone that wanted to see who they were matched up against. We were even fortunate to have @melodierosee and @c_rimson showing off the Qualifying Tournament line-up!

For the championship prize for The Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament, @doc_reds_apothecary created this custom Marvel vs. Capcom 2, 1200mg THC edible -- enough cannabis to timewarp a large group of people.

Before we get into the results of The Stoned Gamer Tournament, we want to give props to Compassesh host @angela_mazzanti for bringing her original Pokemon-edition Nintendo 64 just for us!

As with every one of our tournaments, you can watch the entire thing (although for this tournament, we only captured it partially due to the heat) on Toke With app, download it as soon as you can place your fingers on your phone.

With a full bracket of sixteen competitors, the action got off to a roaring start, and despite the inferno inside the venue along with repeated power outages, we finally got the tournament whittled down to our Final Four.

From the left to the right we have @djskolone, @angela_mazzanti, @dabbadoco, and @abs_and_dabs.

Our first Final Four match-up we saw @djskolone go up against @angela_mazzanti in a best of three match-up.

In the end, @djskolone took it home with a 2-0 win to advance to the championship round. Next up we had @abs_and_dabs against @dabbadoco and while it was close, @dabbadoco advanced to the championship. Check out abs holding up his Final Four prize from Doc Red.

We wish we could say the championship match was close, and we could, but it would be an absolute lie. In a 2-0 victory, @djskolone took home the crown and the fantastic prize from Doc Red.

That was it for our Eleven out of Sixteen total Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournament of the 2016 Season. Now, on to the bonus photos, stoned gamers.

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