WRAP UP of TSGT #12 Qualifying Tournament held 09/11 at Skate n Bake

The Stoned Gamer Tournament took a month-long hiatus back in August solely for our crew to enjoy a little bit of California sunshine during the Summer. Of course, we all just ended up playing Rocket League and taking a nearly limitless amount of dabs. We also built better Magic The Gathering decks -- can't forget about that burst of productivity.

However now we're back, and the Stoned Gamer Tournament reconvened in North County, California (close to San Diego) at Skate n Bake for The Stoned Gamer Tournament #Twelve.

With an event named 'Skate n Bake,' it's natural to expect skaters to grind half-pipes while putting the finishing touches on their creme brulee. To our surprise, these skaters were actually smoking marijuana and then skating. No baking involved. In fact the only baking we saw was in the form of homemade medicated tortillas that packed a nice little punch of 20mg of THC each. We ended up eating six that day, and we found ourselves elevated beyond human recognition.

What we love about holding Stoned Gamer Qualifying Tournaments across the myriad of cannabis festivals across California is the unique venues each of these events takes place. For Skate n Bake, The Stoned Gamer Tournament found itself inside of a lumber yard. After we finalized our location within the venue, the Stoned Gamer Championship Arcades were set up, and we were on board with the next installment of the qualifiers. 

The turn-out from the Stoned Gamer San Diego crowd was tremendous, and we always enjoy the unique vibe the San Diegonians bring to the tournament. After a flurry of intense Marvel vs. Capcom 2 battles, we were left with the Final Four of TSGT #Twelve.

From left to right we have @thehemphopshow, Markus (desperately need his IG name), @serafindanny, and @Kincaiderade (from Team @The_Herb_Smith). In our first Final Four match we saw @serafindanny go up against @Kincaiderade in a best-of-three match-up. It only took two bouts for @Kincaiderade to vanquish his opponent and move on to the championship round. When Markus competed against @thehemphopshow, results were somewhat similar. In only two matches, Markus moved on to face @Kincaiderade in a championship best-of-three match up for the prize of 'Champion' as well as a nice championship loot pack provided by Flytlab.

For those that want to view the Championship match of TSGT #Twelve, you will want to fire up your Toke With app on your iPhone or Android and watch the action unfold in our timeline. If you want the abridged version, @Kincaiderade took the crown in the third match after winning the first and losing the second. Here he is, in all of his Stoned Gamer glory.

We did have one special guest that decided to check out The Stoned Gamer Tournament, the legendary @The_Real_Layzie_ from the iconic hip-hop group Bone Thugs n Harmony checked out the action while he sparked out his new Layzie Stick, which appears to be a giant blunt -- and that's damn amazing.

Here is what the official Final Four boards look like after TSGT #Twelve.

As always, we love taking photos of the antics around the Stoned Gamer Tournament, so enjoy these gems.

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